I’m David Moxey, a research & teaching fellow in the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London. I’m a senior developer of the Nektar++ spectral/hp element framework, using it to further our understanding of complex fluid flows in aeronautics and industry.

Research Interests

My research interests lie primarily in the field of computational fluid dynamics, but are generally highly interdisciplinary. I am interested in problems lying at the intersection of applied mathematics, computational engineering and high performance computing

Currently my goals focus around understanding fluid turbulence; specifically, how steady laminar flows transition to this chaotic state and how this impacts on real-world problems in the aeronautics industry. To achieve this I am developing efficient, robust and massively parallel high-order finite element software that, together with modern computing technology, will form the next generation of computational flow simulations.

For further details you can take a look at my research page, see a list of my publications and talks or look at my CV.


  • New conference proceeding 24th November 2016
    Check out our latest conference proceeding in Procedia Engineering, which discusses a new variational framework for mesh generation, allowing us to robustly generate curved meshes and provide a common platform for studying other work in high-order mesh generation.
  • DiPaRT 2016 conference talk slides 21st November 2016
    See my recent presentation from the 2016 DiPaRT conference, talking about challenges and solutions for high-order mesh generation.