My research group has several research interests that broadly lie at the intersection of applied mathematics, engineering, physics and high-performance computing. We are particularly interested in the development of high-order finite element methods and how these can be leveraged to solve problems in aeronautics and fluid mechanics.

Transition to turbulence

I am interested in fluid dynamics problems that are transitional: a dynamic state where the fluid is a mixture of smooth and turbulent regions. Understanding transition will, for example, help us in designing better aircraft with reduced drag and increased efficiency.

Industrial flows

I'm extremely passionate about translating our knowledge of fundamental fluid dynamics and transitional flows to investigate real-world problems of interest to the aeronautics and motorsport industries.

Spectral/hp element methods

Modelling transitional flows computationally is immensely challenging, due to their highly unsteady state and need for extremely detailed simulations. I use spectral/hp element methods coupled with high-performance supercomputers to provide new insights into flows over complex geometric bodies such as cars and planes.

High-order mesh generation

Although spectral/hp element methods allow us to investigate geometrically complex bodies such as planes and cars, it is notoriously difficult to generate the mesh of elements we use to represent these shapes. I'm leading research into techniques to drastically improve this current bottleneck.