A primary output of our research is the software codes that implement our algorithmic developments for applications in fluid dynamics and other scientific fields. We are passionate about delivering high-quality open-source software.

Software projects


Nektar++ is our primary research code, which uses novel high-order methods to provide high-fidelity solutions for fluid dynamics and other computational engineering problems. Unlike many other high-order codes, it is specifically designed to support complex geometries, and we are applying it in a variety of industrial and academic settings.

Visit the Nektar++ website View the code

Other open-source projects

Although most of our effort is dedicated to the development of Nektar++, there are also some other open-source projects that are under development by members of this group.

Current projects

  • PyAppointment: a Django-based webapp for booking appointments that checks for availability and books events into your calendar. Can be used to e.g. allow students to book appointment slots with me.

Previous projects

  • MailFromSmtp: an Apple Mail bundle which allows a separate SMTP server to be used for each identity.
  • Reflection: a WordPress theme using YAPB.
  • mjwrapper: a bridge between CoreMIDI and Java.
  • ipbLatex: a plugin for rendering LaTeX strings in threads and posts for IP.Board (previously vbLatex).
  • Science Forums: Previously an administrator on one of the world’s busiest science-dedicated forums.