Current openings

I’m always on the look out for strong candidates for Ph.D. projects, either in topics related to my core research themes, or that are suitable for specific advertisements, all of which you can find below.

Current advertisements

No open positions presenty!

However, please do get in touch if you’re interested in working with on the themes below!

Research themes

If you’re interested in proposing your own project (subject to suitable funding) which relate to my core research areas, please do get in touch via email.

Projects can be related to:

  • Computational fluid dynamics: I am interested in a number of areas in CFD, but in particular projects related to transition to turbulence that require high-fidelity CFD.
  • High-order methods: Most of my research uses high-order methods to obtain highly accurate solutions and make the most of modern hardware. I’m very interested in various aspects of high-order methods, including numerical analysis and practical implementation issues.
  • High-order mesh generation: One of the most overlooked areas of high-order simulations is the requirement to generate a valid mesh, which is a prerequisite for any simulation. For complex geometries, high-order mesh generation is a very open problem, and I am interested in techniques we can develop to robustly generate curved meshes.